Traveler’s Company Brass Pencil Solid Brass

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  • Two parts: Solid brass holder and pencil that fits the holder
  • Eraser included
  • Made in Japan
  • Fits the Traveler's Pen Holder or just put it in your pocket

The Traveler's Company Solid Brass Pencil is suitable to carry around during one’s travels.

This is a pencil made in a old press factory located in Japan. This product consists of two parts, the brass made holder and the actual pencil with a iron cup. When this is not used, the pencil fits inside the holder, transforming into a compact “carry around” size. At first, the brass releases a golden color, but through its use, the surface starts to oxidize and the color becomes pro-found.

The part of eraser can also be removed for a clip-free pen if you prefer. You can put it in the TRAVELER’S notebook Pen Holder. or just put in your pocket. This portability makes the item serve as a great partner for a traveler.

The pencil and eraser refills are now available as a set, so you can use our pencil for a long time and enjoy how the texture of brass ages with use.

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Traveler's Company is behind the cult product, Traveler's Notebook. All the notebook fanatics know it, many even adore this notebook full of Japanese character. All the Traveler's Company products are made of long lasting traditional materials, such as leather and brass.

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