Kaweco Brass Sport Ballpoint pen 1,0 mm

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  • Octagonal barrel
  • Brass finish

The Kaweco Brass Sport Ballpoint pen has an octagonal brass barrel that makes it ideal for writing. The weight and thickness of the pen gives a more substantial feeling when writing. The Kaweco Sport pen has received praise for it's good balance, due to its shorter length (10,5 cm). The pen is made of solid brass, which will develop a nice patina after use, adding to its personality.

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  • Writing System: Ballpoint Pen
  • Colour: Brown
  • Material: Brass
  • Length: 10,5 cm


Vaikuttava tuote

Hieno ja vaikuttava kynä. Eroaa massasta = halvoista muovikynistä ja muista rimpuloista. Erittäin jykevä. Toisaalta hieman painava kuljetettavaksi aina mukana esim paidan taskussa. Myös klipsi puuttuu. Mutta omassa sarjassaan todella hieno.

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Kaweco was established in 1883 in Heidelberg, Germany. Step by step the pen company has expanded product line and geographical market. In 2018 Kaweco pocket pens are available in over 40 countries and the brand has reached the pen enthusiasts respect.