Traveler’s Company Cartridge for Brass Fountain Pen, black

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  • Black ink cartridges for the TRC Brass Fountain Pen
  • 6 cartridges included

Black Ink Cartridges for TRC FOUNTAIN PEN. It consists of 6 cartridges.

How to change the cartridge (also have a look at the images in the gallery):

  1. Before changing the cartridge, clean the pen following these instructions:
  2. Hold the nib and unscrew the barrel counter-clockwise. 
  3. Remove the empty cartridge pulling straight out
  4. Put the pen nib-up and insert the small end of the cartridge straight in
  5. It takes a little while to access the ink, but soon the pen will write smoothly.
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  • 6 black ink cartridges
  • For the TRC Brass Fountain Pen

Traveler's Company

Traveler's Company is behind the cult product, Traveler's Notebook. All the notebook fanatics know it, many even adore this notebook full of Japanese character. All the Traveler's Company products are made of long lasting traditional materials, such as leather and brass.

Traveler's Company