Traveler’s Notebook Zipper Case

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  • Plastic case with zipper for your regular size Traveler's Notebook
  • Two pockets - one with zipper and one without
  • The zipper pocket can hold your passport, tickets and other items

Use the Zipper case with your regular size Traveler's Notebook. The plastic case has two pockets: one with a zip and one without.

You can use the zip pocket to hold your valuable items such as your passport, tickets etc.

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  • Plastic case with two pockets
  • One of the pockets is equipped with a plastic zipper
  • Fits the regular size Traveler's Notebook


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Traveler's Company

Traveler's Company is behind the cult product, Traveler's Notebook. All the notebook fanatics know it, many even adore this notebook full of Japanese character. All the Traveler's Company products are made of long lasting traditional materials, such as leather and brass.

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